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Wattle and iPads: Getting them working together

A message from the Wattle Team

In response to a number of complaints received regarding the use of iPads and Wattle, Wattle has conducted some tests, and come up with some temporary solutions, and some possible fixes. The fixes will be tested and hopefully able to be implemented quickly, however in the interim we have the following free options.

Using Firefox Atom browser

Although the standard safari browser on the iPad doesn't display PDF's correctly, we have found that the Firefox atom browser (iPhone version)  can be installed on an iPad and used to view the files. You can also tap the "2X" button in the bottom right of the screen to allow you to view PDFs full screen. This will not enable you to download them, from what we have seen, but as temporary solution, you may find this will be helpful.

Using 360 Lite browser for iPad

Use of the 360 Lite browser for iPad also allows for viewing, and with a minor adjustment to the settings can download PDF's. The screen shot below;

  1. Download and install the free app
  2. after the initial tour tap the settings icon
  3. scroll to the 'Download manager' section
  4. Tap the 'Tap to to change' (as highlighted below)
  5. type pdf in the popup
  6. return to the browser, and go to
  7. In a course where there are documents to access, tap the document you wish to view or download
  8. You will be given the option to rename the file.
  9. You can choose to open URL, but if you tap 'ok' the file will be saved to the downloads area, which can be accessed by tapping the blue arrow in the top right of the screen, then 'File Manager' in the bottom right of the downloads screen.

Updated: 7 March 2013/ Responsible Officer:  Director, RSHA / Page Contact:  Web developer